So why do we still use the darkroom? What can we do with our photography and darkroom skills in the future?

There are many ways to use photography in your future! Photography can be used in many fields of work, as well as being a life long hobby.

One of to use photography is to be an artist. Photography is a fine art that many people respect and would love to see hanging in their homes. The best thing about darkroom photography is that you get to choose the size, number, and look of your prints. There are famous artist who print one print of an image that will be worth a lot of money, or they can print 600 of the same print for many people to buy. Some famous photographers include Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, and Annie Leibovitz. Each of their works are very different from one another. They also each used photography as a hobby as well as a living. There is a lot to learn about each of these legendary photographers. Below are examples of each of their works.

Ansel Adams

5010114-u-2 Adams_The_Tetons_and_the_Snake_River-1


Diane Arbus

Childwithhandgrenadedianearbus Identical_Twins,_Roselle,_New_Jersey,_1967


Richard Avedon

Dovima with elephants, Evening dress by Dior, Cirque d'Hiver, Pa Richard-Avedon-1.-Mariyln-Monroe-407x395

Annie Leibovitz

annie_leibovitz kate-blanchet-by-annie-leibovitz-2004-1



You may have seen some of these photographs in the past. Each of these four photographers made a name for themselves and created careers from their hobby. For example, Richard Avedon was a fashion photographer, while Annie Leibovitz photographs for many magazines. Fashion photography is a major field of work for photographers. Another great field is photo-journalism. Many magazines and newspapers hire photo-journalists who will travel, photograph their journeys and then write about what they have photographed. A great example of photo-journalism is seen in National Geographic.

This is National Geographic’s official website

This is National Geographic’s Instagram account

Another field involving photography is to become a photography teacher! In today’s time it is very rare to see children learning about darkroom photography as you guys are learning. It is important to see that photography teachers are needed to continue on traditional photography and show how great of an art it is.

And of course, if you want to keep darkroom photography as a life long hobby, it is very easy to create a darkroom in your home! Here is a link to create your own in house darkroom in ten steps!


This is Ansel Adams in his darkroom in his home!



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