We can do amazing things with Black and White photography, and this all starts in the darkroom. We are going to learn how to make beautiful prints straight from your film!


This is a student showing the brief steps of how to make a print in the darkroom, but we are going to take it step by step to learn how light can create an image on paper!

Some of the different tools used in the darkroom include the enlarger, a darkroom timer, a masking easel, developer, stop chemicals, fixer, water, and of course your film and photo paper.


This is an image of a masking easel!

Now I would like you to find images of all the supplies needed in the dark room! After you find all the images, I would like you to create a mini darkroom by cutting and pasting the images you find. By knowing and learning where each item goes and what its purpose is, the printing process will become much easier for each and every one of you!


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