Dear Parents,

I am so excited for your children to begin using the darkroom. They have already learning how to use their cameras and how to develop their film. Learning to use the darkroom is the final step to beginning their journey of photography. This website provides all the aspects needed to comprehend the use and purpose of the dark room. I have supplied all the information needed on this site, but of course we have been learning the steps hands on in the classroom, as well. I have almost all the supplies needed for my students, such as the chemicals, enlargers, filters, easels, timers, and of course the actual darkroom. The only supply I cannot provide for them is photography paper. Photo paper can be purchased at any photography or camera store.

Not only am I teaching the class how to print their own art, I am teaching them about what they can do in the future with photography. They will learn about different career opportunities. They will also learn about a different famous photographer every other week. If you check out the “Apply” page, you can see that I have embedded works of art from four different famous photographers. I want to spark your children’s interests in photography and allow them to express their selves in their art work in every way possible.

We will be taking several field trips this year to learn more about photography. Our first field trip will be to an art museum to see a photography exhibit. The students will have an activity to do there to learn more about photography while exploring how different photographers take their pictures. We will also be going on a field trip to the botanical gardens where students can take pictures for one of their assignments. Lastly, at the end of the year, we will take a field trip to college photography class to help the students critique their portfolios. Each of these trips will benefit that students in their photography journey.

Most importantly, this class not only gives the children a way fun way to express themselves in art, it meets the standards of the Georgia Performance Standards. This class will build a higher education of photography and the fine arts to these students. I will also prepare the students if they choose to continue to study photography in their futures, whether it is for a higher level of education or a career.

I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of them for their time in high school and cannot wait to see the beautiful work they create over the year.


Molly Samuel


This is my photography class in our school’s darkroom!


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