dark room contact sheet

It’s time to take everything you have learned and implement it into your own piece of art. Here’s what you have to do!

First, choose any negative from film you have taken in the past. Make sure it is a picture you do not want to use in the picture because you may want to manipulate it later on!

With that negative, I want you to print one great version of it in the dark room without using any manipulation tools, such as filters or dodging and burning techniques. Make this a five-by-seven print.

Once that picture is perfect, I would like you to print three more five-by-seven prints using the same negative, but this time manipulate each print in a different way. This can range from simply adding a filter to the enlarger, adding developer to the print differently instead of placing it fully in the developer, or burning your negative. Be creative!! (You can also make more than four if you want to keep exploring!)

When you have four prints that you are happy with, please mount them on mat board however you would like.

Submit your finished piece of art in the bin on my desk! You have two weeks to complete this creative adventure!


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